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RENEW International Overview

Thriving faith communities need to be rooted in holy ground. RENEW International is committed to helping dioceses, parishes, and campuses plant and nurture the seeds of faith with a growing variety of ministries, stemming from our experience of over 30 years.

Pastoral Services
RENEW Internationalís ministry is rooted in the strength of small Christian communities as a tested dynamic for personal and parish spiritual renewal. Time and again, this model of church has nourished the vitality of faith communities from rural ranching communities in the Dakotas to busy urban centers such as Boston.

Since 2003, well over a quarter of a million parishioners have participated in Why Catholic? as part of small faith-sharing groups. While this large number is significant in itself, more impressive are the many real-life stories of Why Catholic? touching and transforming lives. Because of the power of their faith-sharing sessions, women and men around the country experience an awakening of their own faith as well as the confidence and encouragement to share that faith with others. We expect that ARISE Together in Christ will offer the same moments of renewal as it takes hold in the Archdiocese of Boston this coming fall.

RENEW Internationalís Young Adult Ministry team spreads further and wider to reach more young people in the places they are, on campuses, towns and city centers. This hard work is paying off in large and small ways as those involved become more committed to God, their faith, and their communities in prayer and service.

Africa and Central America provide fertile soil for new growth with vibrant communities taking root in Burundi, South Africa, El Salvador, and Honduras.

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