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RENEW International’s primary mission is to stimulate people to form small communities of faith-sharing groups, and to encourage them to grow in spiritual maturity by making faith sharing around the Scriptures central to their life. Part of this encouragement is to offer printed materials and multimedia resources that provide structure and focus for these groups, especially as they begin the experience of meeting regularly to faith share. As such, RENEW International’s resources and publications plays a key role in achieving RENEW’s mission.

This has been a significant year for the publication of resources from RENEW International. The launch of two new processes (ARISE Together in Christ and RENEW Africa), as well as work on another that will be launched in Lent 2009 (Longing for the Holy) compelled the Resources Team to develop and publish appropriate materials.

“Appropriate” is a far-reaching word. For RENEW International it comprises first of all a double faithfulness. The first faithfulness is to the message of Scripture and Tradition. The second faithfulness is expressed in the word coined by Pope Paul VI; the faith needs to be “inculturated,” presented in a way that makes it accessible for those who embark on the spiritual adventure of faith sharing. In recent years, RENEW International has pushed the sense of “appropriate” even further, as we strive to make even the presentation of our materials speak of the importance in which we hold the process that the pages are meant to help express.

Small Community Resources
This year saw the publication of SOWING SEEDS: Essentials for Small Community Leaders. This all-purpose guide synthesizes RENEW International’s thirty years of experience in helping ministry leaders start and promote small Christian communities. Ideal for leaders for any of the RENEW processes, this guide was published to be available for the launch of the ARISE process and for the new dioceses coming on board for Why Catholic? Also published in Spanish as Sembradores de Semillas.

ARISE Together in Christ
Entirely new materials have been developed this year in support of the initiation of the ARISE process for the Archdiocese of Boston and beyond.
bullet Encountering Christ Today. Season One participants’ books in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole.
bullet English edition audio CD, providing songs for the moments of prayer during the faith-sharing sessions.
bullet ARISE Parish Team Handbook and ARISE Liturgy Team Handbook. In loose-leaf format, to add materials throughout the process.

RENEW Africa
The materials for RENEW Africa include items developed or inculturated by African writers.
bullet Meet Christ Today. Season One participants’ book in English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa.
bullet Leading the Way: RENEW Africa Parish Team Handbook. In loose-leaf format, to add materials throughout the process.
bullet SOWING SEEDS: Essentials for Leaders of Small Communities. Adapted version of the U.S. edition for use in Africa. Published in English, Afrikaans, and Xhosa.

Outlook for 2009 and Beyond
The coming fiscal year will include development of future seasons of ARISE Together in Christ, and RENEW Africa. It also marks the launch of new spiritual resources to help parishes keep their RENEW and Why Catholic? small faith sharing groups active and thriving: Longing for the Holy and Sedientos de Dios. Both publications focus on different dimensions of contemporary Catholic spirituality to help parishioners connect faith to everyday life.

Good News!
“If Sowing Seeds did no more than recommend how we as 21st century Christians might learn to listen to one another more effectively with vulnerability, acceptance, expectancy, and constancy, it would be well-worth the read, but this is only one contribution Sowing Seeds provides … The experiential knowledge contained in this guidebook is but so many seeds the authors sow in the waiting soil of leaders’ hearts. I am confident that leaders and potential leaders of small Christian communities will find in this resource book the confidence, reassurance, skill, and inspiration they seek to serve their small community and the Church lovingly, wisely, and well.”

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