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Longing for the Holy - Press Release

RENEW International announces its newest resource: a spiritual guidebook and faith-sharing companion to best-selling author Fr. Ronald Rolheiser’s The Holy Longing and The Shattered Lantern.

The Holy Longing by Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI, spent almost six years on the Catholic Book Publishers’ Associations best-sellers list. Its gentle spiritual guidance and practical wisdom enlightened readers on the four dimensions of a healthy adult spirituality and how to connect them to everyday life.

Longing for the Holy takes selected insights from Fr. Rolheiser’s highly acclaimed books and presents them in a way that is ideally suited for small community faith sharing or individual reflection. Each of the twelve sessions explores different dimensions of contemporary spiritual life through prayers, reflections, sharing questions, and stories from real-life people of faith.

Readers can discern how to channel their deepest longings as they identify the challenges that prevent many of us from realizing our true desires; it considers the important themes of church community, justice, sexuality, the practices of the spiritual life, and being a mystic of the everyday.

“A very good guide for faith-sharing meetings, incorporating several important sources. Father Rolheiser’s insights put the concepts of traditional Catholic spirituality in contemporary terms, which have proved helpful to many.”

"RENEW has done it again! In Longing for the Holy, they have mined the depths of Rolheiser's classic work, and made faith sharing, grounded in authentic Christian spirituality, a journey worth taking.”

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