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The needs of parishes, campuses, and people are ever changing, and RENEW International has timely, new ways to serve their essential needs. These challenging times call for parishes to develop a passion and zeal for the New Evangelization that will help parishioners awaken and deepen faith, and then share that renewed faith with others..

All of RENEW International’s pastoral processes, practical tools, and publications are designed to help parishes successfully welcome, evangelize, and form disciples. From Why Catholic? and ARISE Together in Christ for parishes to Campus RENEW and RENEW Theology on Tap for young adults, RENEW’s pastoral offerings include resources and concrete advice on the “nuts and bolts” of inviting and evangelizing.

RENEW International offers the step-by-step guidance, sound materials, and personal support for pastors and lay participants that is relevant and necessary for today.

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Many Catholics, both young and old, face opportunities every day to share their faith with others, but lack the basic knowledge and confidence to do so.

How do you address this issue? implementing Why Catholic? a pastoral approach to evangelization and adult faith formation that has spread to over 35 dioceses.

Why Catholic? has a rich scriptural and doctrinal approach that gives a solid foundation for every Catholic to be an evangelizer.

What makes Why Catholic? so successful?

1. Evangelization through Small Communities
Small communities provide an ideal, supportive environment for evangelization and adult faith formation. Knowledge and confidence grow, and people are enabled to share what we believe as Catholics, how we worship, live and pray.

2. Practical Evangelization Workshops
The Nuts and Bolts of Evangelization and Small Community Leader trainings offer tested approaches for creating evangelizing parishes.

3. Faith Formation Plus Evangelization Outreach
Each element of Why Catholic? works together to provide your community with opportunities to express their faith, resources for forming deeper faith and approaches for reaching out to others.

4. Motivating Retreat Experiences
Spirit-filled retreats inspire your community members to proclaim and live their faith. They will leave motivated with the desire to reach out to others in faith.

5. Solid Resources
Thoroughly reviewed materials, drawn from Church teachings and sacred Scripture, offer participants a rich experience and sound doctrine. Reviewed by the USCCB's Ad Hoc Committee to Oversee the Use of the Catechism

6. Strong Pastoral Support
RENEW's staff works with diocesan and parish staff, and parishioners, to ensure a successful effort with strong participation.

Available in Spanish/Disponible en Español
Reach Spanish-speaking Catholics with ¿Por qué ser católico? All resource materials, trainings, and retreats are offered.

RENEW Intern`ational RENEW International presents its newest, most engaging, and integrated pastoral process for spiritual renewal entitled ARISE Together in Christ.
ARISE emphasizes evangelization by enabling people to deepen their faith, develop a closer relationship with Christ, grow in community, and reach out in service to others during the three-year process.

The goals of the ARISE process are:
bullet Teaching and witnessing to the Word of God in Sacred Scripture
bullet Developing vibrant communities of faith and service that are ongoing
bullet Implementing a strategy for adult faith formation
bullet Providing a concrete and practical means of evangelization
bullet Enhancing the celebration of the Sunday liturgy

ARISE Together in Christ offers a total renewal experience, spiritually transforming people through small Christian communities, special activities, resources for youth and families with children, outreach to young adults, and Christian social action. Because of the variety of ways in which people are engaged, something is available for everyone, creating a unifying and enthusiastic spiritual climate in the parish and beyond.

Trainings and materials supporting ARISE Together in Christ are available in Spanish and Portuguese, with resources also in Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, and Lithuanian.

RENEW Theology on Tap offers an innovative solution to one of today's most pressing pastoral concerns: how to reach out to young Catholic adults.

Young adults can sometimes be overlooked to the extent that even their absence goes unnoticed. RENEW Theology on Tap is a way for dioceses and parishes to discover (or rediscover) these young adults, and to invite them into deeper involvement in the Catholic community and all that it does.

RENEW Theology on Tap reaches out and collaborates with young adult Catholics in pursuit of spiritual growth. It is structured around a series of events: engaging speakers presenting relevant theological topics, time for discussion, faith sharing, and community building. These events can be held in a restaurant, a parish hall, a coffeehouse, even in a bar; places where young adults already are comfortable and feel welcome.

Since its creation in the Archdiocese of Chicago and its recent expansion under RENEW International, this program has proven to be a successful vehicle for reaching young adults interested in learning more about their faith, coming together to share community, and feeling welcomed and valued in the Catholic Church. Important features include:

Commitment to invitation
Personal invitation is at the heart of a successful RENEW Theology on Tap effort. Organizers are offered tested approaches to inviting young adults and publicizing events.

Spirit of hospitality
RENEW Theology on Tap emphasizes the practical measures a parish community can take to make their church more hospitable to Catholics in their 20s and 30s.

Meaningful follow-up
RENEW Theology on Tap helps to create ongoing opportunities for follow-up via small faith-sharing communities. These small communities will deepen the faith of those involved and act as vehicles of outreach and evangelization.

Properly implemented, RENEW Theology on Tap becomes a means of evangelization, bringing this population into view. It reaches young adults where they are, while inviting them to discover how faith can inform and give sense to their everyday lives.

Contact us to find out how to develop or enhance your young adult ministry using RENEW Theology on Tap.

Campus RENEW is a two and a half year (or 5 semester) process which facilitates renewal and transformation on college campuses. Small Christian communities, groups of eight to twelve students who come together weekly to share faith, are the building blocks of this process. These communities create opportunities for students to experience community, spirituality, and be challenged outward to service.

The Campus RENEW process creates student leaders with a mature faith and social consciousness to guide the Catholic Church both today and in the future.

The result is a process which creates and nurtures small Christian communities on college campuses through leadership formation, quality faith sharing resources, and onsite and offsite pastoring.

There are three components of Campus RENEW’s unique approach:

1. Process
Campus RENEW staff collaborates with the current campus ministry to facilitate the growth of small Christian communities on campus. Leadership and invitational training over two-and-a-half years create a campus-wide initiative which is ultimately self-sustaining.

2. Resources
Campus RENEW offers a variety of resources for reflection which have been written specifically for the campus population: The Word on Campus, a Lectionary-based series, and As I Have Loved You, a service-focused series. RENEW also offers justice-based, Catechism-based and thematic resources.

3. Pastoring
The process is accompanied by onsite and offsite pastoral support from a RENEW staff member, including workshops, retreat days, and ongoing mentoring. A member-accessible web site offers downloadable tools and resources.

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